an elemental guide – inspired by nature

Progress is part of our Tradition 

ELEMENT MINERAL A.S. expertise in the development and supply of highest quality functional fillers for various manufacturing industries throughout of its 50 years of histroy has turned into a tradition.

Quality, the benefit of our costumers and the efficient use of resources are of special importance to our company.

Worldwide Service 

The ELEMENT MINERAL A.S. offers its services throughout the world via a number of manufacturing facilities as well as product specialists in over 40 countries to assist customers develop the use of our products.

Cross-border support allows customers to have confidence in the use of our products to help create a perfect solution

Social responsibility

Element Minerals is committed to quality and always acts in the best interest of the costumer. While doing this, we are aware of our social responsibilities. That’s why we are committed to the values of the UN Global Compact, respect human rights, employee protection, environment protection and fight against corruption.  We deliberately do not cooperate with suppliers that disregard these principles.

Together for the future

Our shared diversity of flora and fauna is an invaluable heritage that is essential for survival.

We are committed to preserving this heritage for the next generations and to following a sustainable resource policy when it comes to developing our products. Environmentally-friendly processes and optimized logistics help us to use raw materials, energy and water in an ecologically friendly manner across all our production sites.