Silicate Fibres

ELEMENT MINERAL A.S. offers Wollastonite products which have been processed with special methods in the field of Silicate Fibres (ELMINAS KEMOLIT®, ELMINAS FILLEX®).

Wollastonite mineral, known as calcium metasilicate (CaSiO3), it is a natural mineral with a needle-like crystal structure, chemically inert and white color, and is obtained from open pit mines. All of the wollastonite products offered by our company have the mentioned rod-shaped image and are used as inputs in many systems. In addition, other uses are being developed through ion exchange.

Asbestos is the best known substitute and has no negative effects on human health.


ELMINAS KEMOLIT® products are made by high-tech processing of natural wollastonite mineral. The refining processes after removal from the quarry are carried out with the utmost care to protect the rod-shaped structure of the material. In this way, homogeneous additive types, which reach up to 1:45 aspect ratio, are obtained.

With its acicular/ stick-like structure and high aspect ratio, glass fiber can be used as a partial and complete replacement in some applications. It is a functional filling material and it increases micro strength, bending, bending strength, impact resistance, heat resistance and provides dimensional stability in its products.


ELMINAS FILLEX® forms are mainly silanized versions of wollastonite for better integration into organic systems. It is possible to use multipurpose products that are processed in many different ways.