Anorganic Thickening Agents

Anorganic thickening agents such as;

  • ELMINAS® Rheogel
  • ELMINAS® Rheosil
  • ELMINAS® Absorbents etc.

our products based on phyllosilicate technology. This technology works similarly to that of other layered silicate thickeners, but reacts very differently in sectors operating with high speed mix. Due to its fibrous structure, it is possible to align it in the direction in which the pressure is coming and therefore this material is easier to process than other layered silicates.

ELMINAS® Rheogel and ELMINAS® Rheosil, series enables use of inorganic rheologic & thickening agents both in aqueous systems, solvent-based and solvent-free systems as well as aqueous systems that offer different product profiles. Its superior rheological and thixotropic effects in high cycle processes are its features that make the product stand out. With this variety of additives, it is possible to obtain a rheology & thixotropy suitable for the needs of the user. With different processes, it is possible to significantly change the condition of the final product.