ELMINAS SPHERES® HGMS series consists of silicate hollow glass microspheres. The perfect spherical form gives the material the smallest possible surface / volume ratio. Due to its very low surface area and spherical form giving the ball effect, ELMINAS SPHERES® HGMS hollow glass microsphere products have a significantly lower effect on the viscosity of liquid systems compared to other irregularly shaped materials.

Product types

In the ELMINAS SPHERES® HGMS series, there are products classified according to the density and particle sizes to meet the various needs of our customers. We contribute to many manufacturing processes in different sectors, from low density products up to 0.20 g/cm³, to products with high compressive strength, in a wide spectrum with many types of materials.

ELMINAS SPHERES® HGMS product series is used in different sectors, in different types of manufacturing, to reduce the density, to lighten the products, to obtain thermal/thermal insulation, to provide sound insulation and to optimize material operability.

Fields of Application


  • Insulation paints,
  • Putties
  • Construction chemicals
  • Joint fillings
  • Automotive and aerospace products
  • Engineering plastics

it is used in applications such as.


Safety Data Sheet