Wollastonite; It is a natural mineral with acicular crystal structure, chemical inert and white color. This mineral, known as calcium metasilicate, is obtained from open pit mines. The refining processes after removal from the quarry are carried out with the utmost care to protect the rod-shaped structure of the material.

ELMINAS KEMOLIT® KW-3 product is a homogeneous material with a 1:10-1:15 aspect ratio. Due to this structure, our products are used in many systems as a microscopic supplement additive.

Fields of Application


  • Shop primer
  • Fibercement slab
  • Polymer
  • Engineering plastics
  • Mold and steel casting
  • Slag regulator
  • 1K alkyd based wet paint resins
  • 2K epoxy acrylic and polyurethane based wet paint resins
  • Water-based construction paint resins (PVA)

it is used in applications such as.

Safety Data Sheet