We are proud to introduce Genan’s brand new and ground-breaking product – the GENAN SAFE rubber pellets. Pellets are manufactured through a patent pending, mechanical process and are uniform and size-specific.

GENAN pellets are ideal for playground base layers, offering numerous advantages:

High performance | Low bulk density | Excellent HIC (Head Injury Criteria) values
Easy on-site installation | Custom-sizing possible | Less rubber and binder needed.

Pellets are a most homogeneous product – manufactured with a specific diameter and cut off to a specific length. Standard diameter is Ø4.2 mm in lengths 5 and 10 mm; yet, custom-sizing is possible. When pellets are laid out, cavities inevitably arise, creating the optimum conditions for the elastic properties and the energy absorption of the rubber pellets.

As GENAN SAFE pellets are so uniform in shape, they have less surface area than traditional granulate. This results in low end-product bulk density, improved elasticity and minimum compaction. Compared to traditional base layers made with granulate, base layers made with GENAN SAFE pellets require less material. Material savings may be up to 30% – for rubber as well as binder.