Hollow Ceramic Microspheres

Hollow Ceramic Microspheres (ELMINAS SPHERES® HCMS) are exceptionally resistant microspheres formed by exposure to excessively high heat. In order for the ceramic to melt, a temperature above the reference melting points is needed. The following rapid cooling process results in hollow particles. The ELMINAS SPHERES® obtained in this way are sized by refining and take place as a high quality input in our customers’ industrial production recipes.

ELMINAS SPHERES® are a group of products manufactured in various standard types to meet the general needs of the market. Its superior properties such as chemical non-reaction and temperature resistance up to 1200 ° C make these products an ideal input as they reduce the fire load in high temperature processes. As hollow ceramic microspheres, they have very good heat and sound insulation ability. With 95% floating rate and various particle size distribution, these materials are a reliable base in any production process.

Our ceramic microsphere products sold in many locations around the world are produced in facilities in different countries. Standard type products are manufactured in plants in Germany and Ukraine. Special type products are produced only in Germany. Some of our product types are also supplied from Europe and some other countries in the world.