Quality Policy


Our corporate policy, which covers quality assurance, environmental and work safety, is a key factor for the company’s future success. It is periodically reviewed and examined and the resulting aims are systematically agreed on with the employees, planned, implemented and examined for effectiveness. This procedure results thus in a cycle of continuous improvement.

The corporate objectives are being discussed with all employees and are periodically examined during the realization within the framework of a goal-setting process by the management.

Our employees are involved in the implementation of the corporate objectives and the resulting measures and projects using a ratio-backed goal-setting system and receive the means a resources necessary for the implementation.

ELEMENT MINERAL A.S. values costumer orientation as its guideline basic approach for everyone, determining all necessary strategies and concepts for further implementations.

Costumer orientation means that the customer is in the center of our services. Our beliefs and actions are dedicated to the costumer and assessed based on whether our service meets the expectations of the costumer.

Costumer orientation also means to develop a costumer understanding between service providers and service recipients. Our quality standard is based upon our customers’ wishes and one of our most important corporate goal is the satisfaction of our customers in all fields.

We have a system of regular customer survey, defined by our IT, that we evaluate to measure customer satisfaction and are thus able to eliminate deficiencies noticed by our customers in order to achieve a permanent amelioration. It is that satisfaction that enables the existence of our company in the future by providing a high economic efficiency and thus, safe jobs.

Any type of customer request must be fulfilled rapidly and without delay. Deliveries must take place on time and in perfect condition. Defects must be immediately examined and eliminated together with the responsible forwarder.

Existing raw materials must be regularly evaluated to ensure environmentally and work hygienic raw materials. New raw materials must be examined for harmful effects via REACH procedures before including them in our product program.

Raw materials of environmental, ethical or health concern will not be included into our range of products.

Labor and health policy are also an integral part of the corporate policy. The aim is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all employees, visitors, neighbors and the community. Precautions and specially trained employees ensure that internal rules are respected and the resulting legislations adhered. The consideration and realization of the work safety and health protection form a fixed component for all procedures and activities in the company.

We know the applicable laws and regulations, are informed about changes regularly and initiate, if relevant, appropriate measures to fulfill new ones.

We support our worldwide suppliers fulfilling our common corporate goals and shall encourage that they develop new or existing qualified management systems. Especially, we strive to secure the whole supply chain by appropriate agreements/contracts/audits/assessments.