Solid Ceramic Microspheres

Solid (aluminum silicate) Ceramic Microspheres (ELMINAS® SCMS) is a spherical industrial ceramic product. It is a material that can be used in almost any product production with its structure that has many advantageous features such as low surface area, degree of hardness and spherical shape. ELMINAS® SCMS improves the workability of the material with the ball bearing effect obtained by the optimal geometrical shape of each sphere. It is formed at the end of the condensation process in the cooling chamber immediately after it is melted. The optimal spherical shape is formed in the first seconds of the process, where the effect of gravity is not felt. This shape is then preserved by increasing the viscosity during the cooling process.

The products obtained through this process are then classified and refined and presented to our customers as homogeneous raw materials. The material properties stand out with their low oil absorption value and process improvement qualities. When used in cement based systems, aluminum silicate spheres also have a hydraulic effect and increases the strength of the final product. In addition to its spherical shape, it is extremely hard and contributes to the modification of surfaces against mechanical needs and stresses.